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Copper storage disease in dogs can happen in any dog at any moment, yet, there are many strains that appear have a greater possibility of developing this potential killer. It may attack your dog in 3 distinct stages, sub clinical, severe, or chronic and very advancing. If the illness it is not identified quickly once the symptoms begin to appear and it reaches the serious stage, it can quickly take your dog’s life. Copper storage disease in dogs can be known as Canine copper hepatotoxicosis, and it is a scenario where there is an excessive deposition of cooper in your dog liver.

In normal conditions, any surplus of copper passes very normally from your own dog body and there are never any problems. In this instance, the copper doesn’t pass properly and builds to hazardous levels in your dog. Cirrhosis of the liver in dogs it is generally the result of serious injury as well as scarring of the liver on a long quantity of time. The actual reason for copper storage illness in dogs is not completely comprehended, but it is said to be the result of an inherited disorder that causes the metabolic process of this mineral to malfunction. It might also be the result of an irregular binding of copper to specific proteins in your dog liver, as well as irregular copper secretion in their bile.

Copper storage disease in dogs may affect any breed, but it’s a lot more common in some breeds. Copper storage disease in dogs likewise affects Labrador Retrievers, Spaniels, and Keeshonds. This it is where another mystery with copper storage illness in dogs comes into play, the high degrees of concentrations in the liver aren’t present in all affected breeds. Copper storage illness in dogs develops in 3 different types or phases, sub clinical, sudden severe and chronic progressive. In the sub clinical phase of this illness, your dog has been influenced in their internal organs, but they aren’t showing any signs at all the harm that’s being done to them.

The first is the demise of your dog’s liver and also the death of your dog. The chronic progressive stage appears to affect middle aged dogs where it causes serious hepatitis. Copper storage illness in dogs will show a whole litany of symptoms. Your dog can also start to display dark urine as the consequence of bilirubin.

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