acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Put another manner, since both partners already have HIV, what is the injury of unprotected sex? In fact, this is not a simple question to answer completely.
AIDS stands for Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
AIDS is an advanced stage of disease with the human immunodeficiency virus.
HIV typically is spread from one individual to another through contact with contaminated sexual secretions or blood.
The possible risk of progression to AIDS is reduced by using incredibly successful antiretroviral treatment regimens.
The top way to avoid resistance can be for the patient to take their ARTWORK as directed.
In case the patient wants to quit a drug due to adverse effects, she or he should call the physician promptly.

HIV is spread through contact with contaminated blood or fluids like sexual secretions. With time, the virus attacks the resistance system, concentrating on specific cells called CD4 cells which can be essential in protecting the body from diseases and cancers, and the number of those cells starts to fall. Eventually, the CD4 cells fall to a critical level and/or the immune system is weakened so much that it can no longer fight off certain types of infections and cancers. This sophisticated stage of HIV disease is called AIDS. HIV is a small virus which has ribonucleic acid as its genetic material. When HIV reproduces, it’s predisposed towards making small genetic errors or variations, leading to viruses that vary slightly from one another.

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