Election Disorder

To start, post election stress disorder is a real medically recognized disorder, which Dr. Asim Shah is just not well known, but is just a severe problem. No matter if you feel you really have problems with post election stress disorder or are only usually stressed out on the election period, there are many easy ways to deal with the tension in a healthful manner. Getting clean air, sunshine and oxygen flowing in the veins and into your mind is a great way to help you regain control on your emotions as well as to alleviate pent up stress. Use essential oils: whenever we odor essential oils, the substances of the oil journey to the limbic system of our brain throughout the olfactory senses.

The limbic system is just the part of the mind that controls emotions, memory, blood pressure level and stress bodily hormone release. If you’re distressed, cope with your stress in this healthful manner by smelling or applying essential oils. Good oils for calming are lavender, rose and geranium. Take Media Breaks: Take some time far from all types of media, including social network. Reflect on the things which are essential to you as well as refocus your energy on your dreams as well as desires for you life. Keep things in perspective! We live on a small blue planet traveling through the universe at unbelievable speeds with a nearby star who gives us the chance for life each and every day.

One situation that could be viewed as troubling for one man can be seen as peace for another. How may you change your ideas around circumstances to see the positive in it? Will this election not motivate even more individuals to be better people? Will it not catalyze more action from people around the globe to create changes they wish to see? Deep breathing: Though it’s straightforward, it’s profound in assisting to release emotions and cope with stress in a healthful and efficient way. Breath slowly in for a few seconds and breath out for a few seconds. Oxygenating the brain can help to change our emotions in a positive direction.

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