Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Mitral valve repair is a cardiac operation process to take care of mitral valve stenosis or regurgitation. The mitral valve is between the heart left atrium and left ventricle. Blood after deciding the oxygen from the lungs flows throughout the pulmonary veins, to the left atrium of the heart. After the left atrium gets full of blood, the mitral valve opens to permit blood to flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. It then closed in order to keep blood from flowing back to the left atrium or lungs when the ventricle contracts to push blood out to the body.

Studies show that today 5-10 percent of the world’s population suffers from the valve Prolapse needing surgery and 9 per 10, 000/year die of it. You cannot normally prevent mitral valve prolapse, but you may prevent specific complications. In light of the same a Mitral repair training camp was held in the Vien Tim(Heart centre of the Ho Chi Minh City between 14 to 20th of April 2008. Patients had flocked from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Famous Cardiac surgeons from Thailand, China and India participated in the camp. Vivek Jawal is the leader of minimally invasive cardiac operation in India.

He’s performed India’s first minimally invasive bypass operation in 1994 and has since been positively initiating it in India. In 2000, he’s performed India’s first awake bypass operation on a completely conscious patient without general anesthesia or ventilator utilizing the technique of continuous high epidural analgesia. In the same year, he conducted the world first awake open heart surgery, which included a valve substitute with a triple bypass on a 74 year patient. Heart can be Wockhardt can be how Wockhardt Hospital and Heart Institute it has come to be known as since the last 17 years. A middle for excellence in interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgeries within the country, it’s to its name a brief history of path breaking procedures, be it the first ever Conscious Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and Awake Heart Surgery in India. Wockhardt Hospital and Heart Institute, it has been our first, single specialty corporate heart hospital. This heart has done greater than 15, 000 heart operations and 40, 000 interventional cardiology procedures since its creation and became a renowned tertiary level heart care center.

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